SUPER HARD 180Hours (1 pack)




Super hard sex Pill is specially used to make the penis thicker and harder. It will be suitable for thoes who has impotence and early ejaculation problems and also thoes who are lack of ability ti attain a hard erection to satisfied the partner. The pills will be suitable for thoes who has low sex libido which is caused by growing age. Super Hard Pills Male Enhancement can remove early ejaculation and active kidney function while increasing secretion of testicle cells.

Super hard will be worth to try if you want to improve the penis size. These elements in Super Hard Capsules can directly enter your penis sponge for expansion bloodstream ships, marketing bloodstream flow, rapidly enhancing the information of human bloodstream testosterone. If you can keep taking this capsules for more than 3 months, the tissues on the penis will be expanded dramatically and you can feel the penis is at least 1 inches larger than before. You can also feel more energetic while having sex than before.


[Super Hard Pills Effects]

1.Super Hard Sex Pills is relevant to men who are not satisfied with the penis size at any age group from 18-80. Thoes who has hypogenesis from the genital area, genital stunted, kidney weakness, the sexual appetite decrease or prostatitis can also try this product.

2.Super Hard Male Enhancement Pills can also be crucial in prolonging time of sexual activity, dealing with indurable erection.

3.Super Hard Libido Energy Pills is appropriate for anyone with prostatitis, hypertension, cardiopathy, and alcohol doesn’t hinder its therapeutic effect.


[Primary Components of Super Hard Brown Pills] It is made of more than 10 rare animal and plant extracts from caulls cynomoril, ginseng, turtle plastron, ocean horse, penis et testies cervi, yak testis, wolfberry fruit, velvet, cynamorlum, etc.


1.The youthful person ought to be given very carefully.

2. You shouldn’t be anxious for anything else otherwise take Super Hard overdose.

3. Don’t take the Super Hard Capsule frequently within 24 hrs.

4. When the penis erects frequently or erects without ejaculation, take some water to alleviate it.

5. Do not take Super Hard once the character change.

6. Store Super Hard out of the reach of the children.

7. For those who have any discomfort after taking Super Hard, you are able to stop go for couple of days or contact your physician for advice.

[Dosage and usage] Take one Red Super Hard Pill and swallow along with some liquid (best tepid to warm water) about 10-20 minutes before sexual activity.

[Package] 3800mg*6capsules/box.

[Storage] retain in a cool and dry place, and keep it away from light.

[Expiry] three years.


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